9 Lives 22LR Challenge

This is the general information page for the 9 Lives 22LR Challenge, being held on 11 June 2022. Please follow all the steps below to enter:

  1. Read this competitor information page
  2. Buy your ticket by clicking here
  3. Pay for your ticket using the bank account details in the automated email you receive after you purchase your ticket.
  4. Fill out the Competitor Information Sheet by clicking on this link

Location, date and time

The match will be held in Waikaretu, which is about 70 minutes from Hamilton or 55 minutes from Pukekohe. The exact address and location details will be provided in the competitor brief, which will be sent out before the match.

The match will be held on 11 June 2022, with a safety briefing to be held at 9am. Please arrive by 8:30am, to allow time to park and get your gear ready.

There is no camping on site, however there is an affordable camp site 5 mins down the road, which has a licensed café. Details will be sent out in the competitor brief.

There will be a post-match BBQ, generously sponsored by the team at Counties Custom Killing.


If you have been to a GPRE or TLRS event, you will have a good idea of how squads will be run, and what stages might be like. If you haven’t, don’t worry, you will be squadded with someone who is experienced in field shooting competitions.

Ammunition and round count. You should bring at least 120 rounds. As the event title suggests, this is a 22LR event only, no other chamberings are allowed.

There will be 10 stages, each with a different challenge. This competition offers slightly longer ranges than other similar competitions, so it will benefit the competitor to come prepared with DOPE / Data to enable shots out to 200m for Skills Division and 300m for the other Divisions.

Divisions and Classes

All Divisions will shoot the same course of fire (with one or two minor exceptions), and have the same round count. The main difference will be target distance. We have deliberately kept the COF / round count as similar as possible, so that all competitors experience the same challenges and obstacles throughout the day. This should also make it easy for squads to understand the COF for squads with mixed Divisions.

Skills Division: This class will be perfect for you if you are: A) New to field shooting competitions, B) Have a rifle set up that is not capable of achieving hits past 200m (e.g., you do not have enough elevation or dial), C) Have a basic hunting rifle set up (e.g. your possum / rabbit gun). If any of the above applies to you, we highly recommend this Division, which will have it’s own 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing – you will not have a fun day at the longer ranges if you can’t get hits on target.

Average target distance is 85m. Only one long range target of 200m, otherwise the rest is between 50m and 120m.

Gear restrictions: Any rifle / scope / bipod. Support allowed: A simple two-point sling, a day pack, and simple shooting bag, no larger than 150mm in any one direction (no game changers, fortune cookies, etc.).

Practical Division: For regular competitors with rifles capable out to 300m. Average target distance is 140m, furthest target is roughly 290m, closest is 50m.

Gear restrictions: Any rifle / scope / bipod. Support allowed: A simple two-point sling and a simple shooting bag, no larger than 150mm in any one direction (no game changers, fortune cookies, etc.).

Unlimited Division: As per Practical Division, except all gear allowed. Tripods are allowed on most stages. Don’t forget you can use your day pack as a rest or a void fill in this Division!

Ladies and Juniors Categories: We encourage as many female and junior (18 and under) shooters as possible to participate! Please bring along your partners or kids if they are interested. Supervised shooting within a squad is permitted, as is rifle sharing.

Ladies and Juniors will be participate in their chosen Division, and will also be eligible to win Top Lady or Top Junior.

What do I need for the day?

  • Rifle and equipment as per the Division restrictions. Ensure your rifle is zeroed and has appropriate data – there will be no opportunity to zero on the day.
  • Don’t forget your ammo / bolt / magazines, etc.
  • Lunch / snacks for the day. There will be a post-match BBQ.
  • Hydration – we recommend a minimum of 2 – 3 litres of water or hydration. Even if it’s wet and cold, you need to stay hydrated. You will also shoot and focus better if you are hydrated and have energy from food / snacks.
  • Warm layers, wet weather gear and appropriate footwear. Check the forecast before you head out, but bring these items regardless. Although it is a winter shoot, you should still consider sun block, hat, etc.
  • Binoculars or spotting scope to spot other competitors’ hits
  • Pen / pencil
  • Time keeping device (watch / cellphone)
  • Chamber flag / empty chamber indicator
  • Hearing protection – compulsory. Eye protection, at your discretion.