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The 6.5×55 is a round that is known for its inherent accuracy and mild recoil. Capable of taking any game in New Zealand with care to shot placement on larger game, the 6.5 “Swede” has probably taken more wild moose in Sweden than any other cartridge, and has even been successfully used by African Elephant hunters. The deep penetrating nature of the long sleek bullets help knock over some of the hardiest game.

Performance is similar to 260 Remington or 6.5 Creedmoor, using factory ammunition. Those who reload their own ammo can achieve higher velocities and better down range performance with careful experimentation.

We have combined this excellent chambering in its blued Howa 1500 action and 22″ barrel with a modern hunting stock that lends itself to all sorts of shooting positions. The At-One Thumbhole stock from Boyds comes with adjustable length of pull and comb height, making it ideal for shooting in different positions, or thick hunting clothing when the seasons change. You can also take advantage of this feature to adjust the rifle to suit smaller framed women or young shooters, who struggle with the ergonomics of full size rifles, making it a great rifle to share with the family or train new shooters.

The forend is also modular. The stock comes standard with a sporting style foregrip. We have also included a target style grip with rubber overmould texture, for better grip on your hunting pack or in improvised shooting positions. We have chosen the limited edition Shady Camo for this stock, given the rifle a classy, subdued look that is still unique and great to look at.

The retail value of all items included is $1275. We’ve pulled it all together and then taken 10% off the price, saving you almost $130. Package price is $1149.

You can add an MDT 20 MOA scope rail for $100, saving a further $30.

Package components:

Howa 1500 22″ 6.5×55
Boyds At-One Thumbhole stock – limited edition Shady Camo colour, plus rubber overmould foregrip
Optional: 20 MOA MDT scope base

Important note regarding shipping. We cannot courier to a residential address, however we can send to your local firearms dealer. Otherwise I am happy to meet you in Pukekohe, Auckland, or within a 1-hour driving distance.

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20 MOA scope rail

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