AR-15 Magazine Carrier


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Kiwi-made Kydex mag carriers to suit AR-15 style mags. These will work with your non-prohibited 5, 7 or 10 round AR-style mags for bolt action rifles, or high capacity mags for pest controllers who need an extra mag at the ready.

Designed for competition use, these Black Gear carriers are sturdy and reliable, with tension control through a couple of simple screws. If you are shooting competitions such as IPSC Mini with AR style rifles in 22LR, we have tested these with HK416d mags, and they function perfectly. The thinner feed lips on the 22LR mags can stick through the bottom of the carrier if you push them too far, but that is easily solved by… simply not pushing them in too far.

We can supply these with Blade-Tech Tek-Lok attachments, or without so you can run your own Safariland ELS, or other style attachment system.

Click here to purchase a Tek-Lok attachment for your carrier.


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FDE, OD Green, Black, Blaze


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