MDT Elite Muzzle Brake




This is the brake we use on our custom builds and it’s what I run on my competition guns.

The MDT Elite Muzzle Brake reduces recoil and helps you to spot impacts. The MDT Elite Muzzle Brake has 35 degree angled baffles for increased recoil reduction while keeping a more streamlined design.

By reducing recoil up to 66% the follow-up shot speed and accuracy is greatly improved while a straight cut through the rear baffle reduces concussive forces. MDT Muzzle Brakes are constructed out of alloy steel with a nitride finish and are provided with an overlapping lock nut. The nut offers some tuneability, as well as the ability to index the brake to make it straight. Perfect for recoil-sensitive shooters. Must be used on threaded barrels


Muzzle Brake thread size:

  • ½-28
  • ⅝-24
  • ¾-24
  • 18×1.0
  • 18×1.5

Additional information

Thread & calibre

1/2-28 – .223 Rem, 5/8-24 – 6.5 CM/.308 Win, 3/4-20 – 6.5 CM/.308 Win, 3/4-24 – 338 LM, M18x1.0 – 6.5 CM/.308 Win, M18x1.5 – 338 LM


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