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Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks is a supplier of excellent upgrade gunstocks for a huge variety of rifle and shotgun makes and models. The Gun Rack has been importing Boyds stocks for over a year now, helping New Zealand shooters get access to quality hardware. Because of ITAR restrictions, it is impossible to export certain items from the USA without a costly export permit and lots of admin, making it impossible for an individual to get a decent stock from Boyds. That’s where we come in, preordering your custom stock, with all of the upgrades and features you want, and splitting the import and shipping costs across 10 stocks at a time, to further save you money.

Standard stocks start at $450, and can be upgraded with different colours, finishes, engraving, adjustable combs, etc., etc.

You can pay by bank deposit / internet banking once I have provided you a quote.

To order, please check out the Boyds website and email me your preferences. I’ll get back to you with a quote and payment instructions.

Email me at

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