Triton 42S II – 6.5mm / .264 suppressor (6.7mm max) – 5/8-24 thread


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This suppressor is one of our favourites. It has a reflex design, coming back over the barrel a bit to minimise extra length in front of the barrel, and it is completely self contained, requiring no bushings and keeping your barrel protected. The overbarrel portion will accommodate heavy barrels, but if you have a question about fit for your rifle, just send us an email.

The construction is quite unique, and makes it a great crossover unit to share between your hunting rifle and your competition rifle. Aluminium externals with soft-touch coating mean this unit is minimises weight where possible, and reduces glare and noise from branches etc. in the bush.

The internals are stainless steel, giving you a hard-working and hard-wearing suppressor, that will stand up to high volumes of shooting, such as competition stages or F-Class strings of fire between gusts of wind.

This suppressor is for 6.5mm / .264 calibre or under and has a 5/8-24 UNF thread. Please contact us if you would like a different calibre or thread combination.

See below for manufacturer’s description from their website.

Triton 42S II

TRITON 42S II is the silencer for you who value performance in a non-obtrusive profile.

With the 42mm diameter you can rest assured that the TRITON 42S II does not disturb your vision even with low magnification scopes or red dot sights. The T42S II adds only 128mm to the barrel, yet with great performance. The T42S II  works equally good when stalking as well as sitting.


Do you have more than one rifle and all with the same thread but in different calibers? If so, you can use your TRITON on all of them just by changing front. Choose from TRITON 42 II or TRITON 42S II fronts in any available caliber (optional extra).


Calibers:   5.7 – 6.7 – 7.7 – 8.6 – 9.5 mm

Threads:    ½’’x20 UNF, ½’’x28 UNEF, 13×1, 14×1, 14×1 Spigot, 14×1.5,  15×1, 15×1 Spigot, 5/8×18, 5/8×24, 16×1, 17×1, 18×1, and more.

Total length:   237 mm

Addition to barrel length:  128 mm

Diameter:   42 mm

Max barrel diameter: 23.5 mm

Weight:   390 g


Inner components – stainless steel

Outer components – Aluminum with Soft Touch surface

Noise level at ear: 133dB (.308)

Warranty:   5 year

Misc: TRITON 42S II is primarily recommended for calibers up to 30-06 and similar.


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